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Do You Want To Study and Train For Free? In The Talks, Dr Lorenzo Shows You How.

Statistics suggest that as many as one in five people living in countries such as the USA and the UK will have a major mental health crisis during their lifetime. This is a big number.  Mental Health has always interested me during a full time career as a General Practitioner/Family Doctor.

It is my belief that a great improvement in the provision of mental health services will occur if the Therapy Sector is overseen by Sociology Services rather than Medical Services. By its very nature Medical Services are only appropriate to a defined segment of the Mental Distress Spectrum.

My book ‘Holistic Approaches to Mental Health’ published on Amazon in 2019 discusses this in some detail. This is essentially a self help book for people going through mental health issues and focuses on therapies outside the medical mainstream.


During lockdown the idea came to me to produce an audio visual series of talks based on my belief that the core skills for a therapist working in mental health can be self taught. This is a novel idea as until now, people have had to enroll in an existing teaching course and achieve a qualification.

I hand wrote my equivalent of Power Point Slides on an old fashioned flipchart , and recorded myself presenting the subject using a camcorder on a tripod. I used a 2008 Canon Legria camcorder that I happened to have at home and made do without professional lighting to hand or the services of a videographer.

Whereas the quality of the production is amateur, the audio turned out okay. Personally, I feel that the video content is what I intended and so I am happy to allow the videos to be used.

For people interested in issues around mental health or considering training as a therapist, the talks should be of interest. Here are some reasons why the materials are unusual and will pique public interest.

Most importantly, I believe that one can teach oneself to become a practicing therapist. The talks show you how.


In these talks I purport to show/teach the subject of psychotherapy.  This is unusual because my training and experience is that of a General Medical Practitioner and I have never practiced as a proper psychotherapist.

The regulation and licensing around the business of providing psychological services is a grey area with little regulation. I encourage competent self taught therapists to find their way round barriers to practice.

I believe that these talks need to feed into the public debate on the management of mental health issues. I believe a sociological rather than medical model will bring the most benefit  and be cost effective

The materials are unusual in that I demonstrate that there can be many approaches to problem solving. I am not aware of any other training course out there that details this. My advice is on an approach to therapy that is eclectic and pragmatic.

If you do decide to watch the talks in their entirety, please do this in the correct sequence ie 1-5.

I hope you find it interesting, useful and thought provoking.

Enjoy! And feedback is welcome.


Welcome to my 5 talks on: ‘How To Become A Self Taught Therapist.’


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I am a retired UK Medical GP Doctor. Welcome to my private practice.

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